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Promoting Nonpartisan Multicultural Youth Get-Out-The-Vote Activities: A Guide for California Nonprofit Organizations

By Henry A.J. Ramos and Robb Smith

This nonpartisan voter promotion guide is intended to inspire and support community-based nonprofit and advocacy groups working closely with voting age youth of color to engage them in local and statewide electoral processes as active and informed voters. It is the product of a collaborative effort by many leading California racial, gender, and economic justice leaders who seek to promote more inclusive policy making related to economic security and prosperity-sharing in a broad range of fields.

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News and Opinions

The California Explorations Project has advanced a strategic communications campaign to place op-eds calling for fundamental changes in California policy bearing on racial, gender and economic inequality. 

Los Angeles Times
Opinion: How Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Hugely Misunderstands Our Economy
By Henry A. J. Ramos, Angelica Salas and C. M. Samala

The Sacramento Bee
California Leaders Have Not Owned the Scale or Vastness of the Housing Crisis
By Chione Flegal and Chris Iglesias

Capitol Weekly
California Needs a Big Policy Rethink
By Shimica Gaskins and Gabriela Sandoval

Capitol Weekly
Real Change in California Will Take Structural Reforms and Younger Voters
By Henry A.J. Ramos and Robb Smith

Recent News

Opinion: How Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Hugely Misunderstands Our Economy

In this recent Los Angeles Times opinion, members of the California Explorations Project advisory board argue that the current anti-immigrant grandstanding fundamentally misunderstands the important role immigrants play in our communities and economy. Read more >>