California Explorations Project Roundtables and Trainings

Building Inclusive Democracy and Power Through Youth Voting and Nonprofit Activism

Join us for a timely and informative roundtable on multicultural and community youth voting and civic activism. We’ll introduce a new Multicultural Youth GOTV Guide and virtual training to support nonprofit and community leaders and organizers in your efforts to engage young people, and other important underrepresented communities, in the 2024 elections and beyond, with the goal of building a better, brighter future.

Guaranteeing the Common Good: Next Generation Strategies for Building Racial, Gender and Economic Justice

In April 2024, the Project hosted a national virtual roundtable featuring Oakland, CA-based leaders Natalie Foster of the Economic Security Project and Solana Rice of Liberation in a Generation. Foster and Rice discussed Foster’s new book, The Guarantee, which advocates for more aggressive next-generation public and private investment in core centers of human and community capital.

From Solidarity to Structural Reform: A Roundtable for Long Term, Progressive Change in the U.S.

In December 2023, in partnership with the Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute, the Project hosted a national virtual roundtable on the case for focusing progressive organizing efforts on racial, gender, and economic inequality, with a special emphasis on the need to address structural reforms in state policy making and budgeting. Our featured guests included Shimica Gaskins of the GRACE/End Child Poverty in California campaign and noted USC political economist Dr. Manuel Pastor. Read coverage of the roundtable via Dan Walters of CalMatters.


Recent News

Opinion: How Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Hugely Misunderstands Our Economy

In this recent Los Angeles Times opinion, members of the California Explorations Project advisory board argue that the current anti-immigrant grandstanding fundamentally misunderstands the important role immigrants play in our communities and economy. Read more >>