Baby Blogs

Welcome to Baby Blogs, a series of blog posts and interviews about all things Baby Bonds! The Institute has designed this series to help stakeholders, decision makers, funders, and community members understand the in's and out's of Baby Bonds and how this transformative policy can be used as part of a broader set of legislative solutions to create an innovative economy that works for all.

Drawing on voices and perspectives from across the field, Baby Blogs show readers how an innovative policy like Baby Bonds happens—from the early-stage visioning and seed planting, to building strategic alliances and awareness, addressing key questions and vulnerabilities, and fostering successful adoption and implementation.

There is much already written on why we have a wealth gap, who is most impacted, why it matters, and possible ways to address it. Where useful, we point the reader to this important background and other resources. Follow our Baby Blogs to learn why and how early wealth building solutions like Baby Bonds are essential to providing the necessary resources so all of our neighbors can afford and achieve the American Dream.



Do you have stories or lessons to share about your own experience as a stakeholder in advocating for or advancing Baby Bonds policy in your state or community? Contact David Radcliffe, Director of State and Local Initiatives.